People often use the phrase, "words cannot describe" in an attempt to describe just how fantastic something or someone is. Stephen George is certainly a person to whom that phrase can be applied. However, we believe that there are some words that can describe just how wonderful Stephen is and how happy we are to have had him as our agent.




In our quest for a new house there were many trips to see many properties. There with us each step of the way was Stephen, travelling from Orleans to Stittsville or Richmond to see a property with us. Often he did this knowing that the house wasn't right for us because it was either not within our budget, did not meet the features we were looking for, or required immediate renovations that were not in our plans. Nonetheless, he let us do the visits and come to that realization on our own. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few weeks, of this we starting getting anxious. We wanted to view anything that was even remotely attractive. Stephen was a calming influence, ensuring us that more properties would be listed in the coming weeks and that we would find the house we wanted. He was right. We found a place that had everything we wanted and more. Patience paid off and Stephen ensured that we stayed committed to our budget and desired features.




Months before we even listed our house Stephen willingly visited us and made suggestions on little things we could do to make the house "pop". We didn't do everything he suggested, but after doing a lot of what he suggested we were asking ourselves, "why didn't we do this sooner so that we could enjoy it too?”. Stephen’s suggestions made a huge difference. When a neighbour listed their house on the same day as us, but for less, we were a bit worried. Our worries were soon put to rest. The day after it was listed, our house was sold (for 99% of our asking price) to a couple who had also viewed our neighbour's house. The neighbour's didn't use Stephen George and their house took almost six weeks to sell.


You will not be disappointed to start a relationship Stephen. You will make a friend who knows the market, cares deeply about your unique situation, respects your budget, is always available (early in the morning or late at night), and goes above and beyond to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.


Stephen; you're the best!


Warmest Regards,

Shawn & Erin Grant


Oh, we almost forgot some of the words that describe how wonderful Stephen is.


S Satisfied, Savvy, Sincere, Skilled, Smart, Sophisticated, Special, Spectacular, Stupendous
T Terrific, Talented, Trustworthy, Thorough, Thoughtful, Top
E Easy, Effective, Elite                                                                                                                     P Popular, Pleasant, Phenomenal, Perfect, Poised, Passionate, Polite, Positive, Practical
H Helpful, Honest, Hummer (his wheels stand out)
E Energetic, Engaging, Excellent
N Natural, Nice, Nifty, Notable


G Gifted, Great, Golden
E Exceptional, Experienced
O Open, Organized, One of a kind, Outgoing, Open-minded
R Rare, Ready, Reliable, Realistic, Reasonable, Remarkable, Respectable, Respectful, Responsible
G Generous, Genuine, Groovy
E Expert, Extraordinary

Stephen George

Stephen George

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