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At this moment we have reached a point where the difference between five year fixed and 10 year fixed mortgage rates have reached the lowest in history.  In fact as of today it is a mere .60%. 


In the mad rush to ensure all my customers, friends and acquaintances  take note of this rare opportunity I created a video for you over on my blog as opposed to trying to call everyone and waste valuable time.


I don’t know how long this opportunity will be here so please book off 10 minutes and watch the entire video as soon as possible.  I also created a detailed report that goes into even more detail, as well as answer frequently asked questions, you can download it on my blog here


After you watch the video, simply reply to this e-mail and I will prepare a customized report for you, using your numbers and we will know right away if this strategy makes sense for you.




Kyle Miller



P.S.  I know the first instinct is often to ignore messages that appear to be a “sales” message.  I encourage you to re-frame your thinking if this is happening to you.  I prepared the video and the detailed report simply so you can review this strategy in your own time without going through a sales process.  10 minutes total investment I think you would agree is worth the possibility that this strategy is a fit for you and saves you thousands.



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