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Tips on How to Best Prepare Your Home for Photo Day .

High quality photographs have proven to help sell for more money. ObeoSphereposted a study done by the Redfin Corporation discovered that listings marketed with photos from a high end DSLR camera gained anywhere from $1000 to $100,000 more at closing! Given this information, it’s pretty shocking that only 15% of luxury properties in the United States are marketed with DSLR photos. “How should I prepare the home for the photo shoot?” you might ask. To ensure your listing photos come out gorgeous, here is a list of things to think about. Below you will find the many tips we have accumulated through the years. Be sure to consider these if you’re thinking about listing your home or if you have a client who wants to sell!

1.Have the lawn mowed, leaves raked, bushes trimmed.

2.When in season, flowers can add a gorgeous pop of color.

3.Remove all vehicles from the driveway and front of the house.

4.Make sure all garbage cans, hoses, garden tools etc. are put away.

 5.If you will be doing any twilight photos, be sure to check all outdoor lights. Change out dim or broken lights.

6.Remove your “cute” yard decorations like garden gnomes and animals.

7.Remove any “clutter” inside the home, and put away toys, clothing, dishes, towels, etc.

8.Make the beds.

9.The counter tops in the bathrooms and kitchen should be as clean and as empty as possible.

10.Make sure the kitchen sink is empty and all dishes are put away.

11.Hide the trash cans.

12.Hide personal photos.

13.Replace any light bulbs that are out.

14.Remove any decorations or magnets that are on the fridge.

15.Before the photographer arrives, turn on all lights and open all blinds in rooms to be photographed.

happy picture taking!!

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