One of the first steps that we take towards construction of a new home is purchasing a building lot.  Here are some very important words to live by: Choose Your Lot Wisely. This site investigation should be done before house plans are completed and before a builder is hired.

Check soil conditions

Both your builder and your designer will need to know exactly what is beneath the surface of the soil.  It is extremely important that there be proper drainage, that the water table is not too high, and that the soil has adequate load bearing capacity. Foundation footings need to sit above the high water table so as to prevent groundwater from putting pressure on the foundation wall. In some cases fill may need to be added to a site to accomplish this. 

Ensure Proper Site Drainage 

Soil drainage may vary depending on the type of soil beneath the surface. Sand and gravel soils will drain better than silt or clay soils which you may want to consider removing from the site and replacing it with sand or gravel to ensure better drainage.

Septic Planning

If you are purchasing a building in an area that does not have municipal services available a septic system will need to be installed.  In this case the water table and drainage ability of the site are issues to be considered yet again. Your septic field will need to be constructed above the water table, wastewater will need to seep through the field fast enough to dissipate easily, yet slowly enough to allow bacteria to break down waste material.

Zoning and Land Use Regulations

You need to be certain that you will be permitted to build exactly what you want from the municipality where you want to build. You need to check the set back requirements, the side yard requirements and minimum street frontage as well. It is also important to investigate any easements upon the building lot which may restrict its utility ie. garage, shed construction either now or in the future. 

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