"He then commenced to show us why our house had not sold before when on the market."


This is a letter of appreciation I received from another one of my many satisfied clients, Clifford head. Mr. Head has given me permission to share his letter with you so that you too can have the same satisfying experience as he did when using our services without the inconveniences, stress and anxiety that can so often accompany a sale. We also put the Seller's Choice "Performance Guarantee" in writing for your peace of mind.

Our frustrations were building.

We had outgrown our present house and needed to move. We had previously listed our home with another real estate company but the listing expired without the desired results. Our frustrations were building, we were overcrowded and we just wanted to get on with our lives. Then we met Steve!  On his initial visit he asked us three important questions: Why did we want to move, where did we want to go and what were we prepared to do to achieve our goal.  He introduced us to a Marketing Performance Forecaster, a six step process that considers the prime factors that affect a properties marketability. Being direct, he then commenced to show us why our house had not sold before when on the market and what we had to do to get it there. Boy, was that an eye opener! He then gave us a realistic and achievable list of things to do. Some realtors just tell you what you want to hear, just to secure the listing; not Steve.

Our goal, maximize our return on investment so we could afford another home. After we made the necessary changes the results were swift.  He sold our home and found us a beautiful new one.  Steve exceeded our expectations. Throughout the sale process he communicated regularly and provided excellent professional support.  If ever you have a real estate need, call Steve.

Clifford Head


Stephen Hall

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