I recently had an experience at a garage that could have justifiably upset me


I recently had an experience at a garage that could have justifiably upset me but I kept my cool. I dropped my Suburban off for an annual rust proofing. To my chagrin after checking it over, found the job severely lacking.  In Newfoundland our vehicles need all the help they can get especially when it comes to rust. Over the years I have sought out five other rust proofing dealers and always had to bring the vehicle back two and three times. This time I was told they would get there best man to do the job, well I would hate to see their worst one. After bringing the vehicle back, I was told by the Service Manager that, “horrible Johnny did the job and he never does anything right.”  Well at least they were honest, this time. I sarcastically asked if “horrible Johnny" could do my brakes and rotate my tires?

Lets say you have your car in the garage getting an oil change and the mechanic, let’s hope his name is not horrible Johnny, tells you your brakes are severely worn. Now, will you thank him for his diligence or will you seriously question him? Having the correct information can help you make an informed decision, helping you save money and possibly an accident. Early detection is the key to avoiding most problems whether it’s a house or car and can help overcome an existing condition before it become worse. So get the mechanic to SHOW you, not just tell you.

A diligent Realtor will SHOW you industry information that the general public does not have access. You need sound professional advice you can trust. Don’t fall prey to only listening to what you want to hear. A diligent Realtor will not push your greed buttons and promise you the moon and the stars, but will sit down with you and SHOW you the positives as well as the potential problems that can arise so that you can make a well informed decision to avoid unexpected expenses, legal issues and market influences that can affect your bottom line.


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