“I shudder to think how much it would have cost us if we had used the Vendor Contractor’s Agent."


This is a letter of appreciation I received from another of my satisfied clients, Eric and Patricia Norris. The Norris's have given me permission to share their letter with you so that you too can have the same satisfying experience as they did when using our services, without the inconveniences, stress and anxiety that that can so often happen when buying a house.

“I shudder to think how much it would have cost us if we had used the Vendor Contractor’s Agent when we purchased our home”

We had already found our ‘dream house’ – The house was listed with the developers Real Estate agency. We gave Steve a call and from that point on everything went very smoothly until the closing day got delayed. Steve was on top of everything. He really helped us deal calmly with what could have been a very stressful situation. He even arranged a place for my family to stay for the night.

However, here is where Stephen’s service becomes outstanding – his contractor expertise and after sale follow-up became money (if not life) saving. I know that with most realtors, once the sale is complete, and money has changed hands, “you’re on your own.” Not so with Stephen!

Then winter came, the winds blew, the siding on our brand new home blew, rattled and shuttered and finally ripped off in sections. What to do? The developer gave us the usual runaround: “Well, you should expect some damage; after all you’re in a windy area,” they said. Then they sent someone to look at it, nailed some strapping over the siding. Time passed and they finally agreed to repair it. They sent a couple of guys over with some ‘similar’ colored siding to “patch” the house. I stopped them in their tracks, sent them away and called Steve. He came over and unzipped some sections of siding to determine the problem. He contacted the contractor, formulated a comprehensive letter of repairs to be made and hand delivered it. I will never forget it – the letter was delivered on Thursday, we received a call later the same day – the repair crew (6 men with scaffolding and materials) arrived on site the very next Monday.

They removed the siding from nearly the entire house and installed it correctly. We are truly grateful for the comprehensive work that Stephen did in our behalf – from caring for the routine paper work during the buying process to the expert ‘major’ work in after sales follow up. I know it has been said about him before, but it is true: “his construction experience and his willingness to provide after sale service are a “hall” mark of the service he provides”.

This experience has only served to impress on us how important it was to have the protection of third party representation - our Realtor, Stephen Hall, had a sole obligation to us - the buyer - and not the Vendor  contractor. I shudder to think how much it would have cost us if we had used the Vendor contractor’s agent when we purchased our home. Steve’s ‘above and beyond’ service cost us nothing extra!

Eric &  Patricia Norris


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