Iron Deficiency in Children

Iron Deficiency in Children

(NC)—It is slowly being recognized that iron deficiency in women during their child bearing years is a major global health problem, particularly caused by menstruation.

However, what is not well known is that children from birth and into puberty, both boys and girls, are also quite affected by this easily corrected problem.

Iron deficiency can occur very frequently in children under four and during the remaining growth and development stage, as well as in girls and boys during puberty. In general, a sufficient supply of iron is of particular importance during puberty.

Often the normal iron supply from nutrition is not enough for toddlers from 1 to 2 years of age because of their fast growth and the enormous increase in blood volume. Therefore, a sufficient supply of iron is important during this stage. Lack of iron during this stage can lead to developmental delays and it is unsure at this time if the affects are irreversible. Often children with an iron deficiency look pale and sickly, have frequent infections, have no appetite and do not want to play. Children suffering from frequent ear infections were often found to be anaemic and the frequency of infections is reduced when iron is supplemented.

“A haemoglobin test will give an accurate diagnosis,” says Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink, a licensed naturopathic physician and registered midwife. “Iron deficiency has been linked to a number or problems in children including developmental delays, behaviour problems, ADD, learning difficulties and ear infections.”

School children and adolescents, both girls and boys, can frequently have an iron deficiency during their growth spurt. This can result in tiredness, inability to concentrate, a reduction in general learning ability, poor achievement in sports, and frequent colds.

Girls during puberty are especially prone to iron deficiency. Due to their fast growth in this stage of development and the sometimes heavy bleeding during menstruation they need more iron than their body has available. Inability to concentrate, exercise and fatigue are the first signs. Unbalanced nutrition, too much fast food or drastic weight-loss diets can increase these symptoms.

“For years, I have recommended Salus Floradix,” notes Dr. Carlson-Rink. “Floradix is a liquid iron supplement that is plant-based, so it does not lead to iron overload, and is also additive and preservative free.”

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