"Stephen has earned the right to be our real estate consultant for life."

Dear Stephen Hall,

We would like to take this time to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your work. We were a newlywed couple who have been renting in the St. John’s area for quiet some time now. With dreams of owning our own house someday was a dream until a family member was watching the channel 13 home plus show and they called us with some exciting news. We decided to call Stephen Hall to see what it was all about. Us not having a down payment on a home made it very hard for us to apply for a mortgage. The very first time I spoke with Stephen Hall it felt like we have known him for years. The first phone call lasted for a long time. Knowing me I had a lot of questions to ask. Stephen had all the answers I needed to know. He took the time to explain everything to us. My husband is deaf so it made it very hard for Philip to talk. Stephen would tell me things then I would sign Philip telling him what Stephen just said. Stephen had no problems talking to us. If there was something we did not understand or was not sure of he explained it again until we got it. Stephen was always available by phone, email 24 hours a day. If there was something I needed Stephen was there for us. Looking for home was not easily to do, we look through web site, watch the home plus show, when a new listing came out Stephen would send them to us. Sometimes it was hard knowing if their house was sold or not but Stephen was always on top of everything finding out if the house was sold and he would contact us. Both of us work during the day so it was not always easily to get away from work but Stephen always had a solution to everything we ran into. When we begins to look for a house we did not know what to look for, what to be aware of, what needed to be done to the house once we bought it, we were very new to the idea of looking for a house but Stephen always help us to find out the things we needed to know about the house. Stephen has taken us from the 1 step to the final step of buying our very first home. It was not easily for us not knowing what we had to do next but we had a lot of trust in him.

Stephen has earned the right to be our real estate consultant for life. When our family and friends are thinking about buying or selling their home I will always tell them about a man named Stephen Hall. We had a wonderful experience working with you and helping us along the way with buying our first home. We will always remember a man that helped us to buy our first home. We are sure if it ever comes a time that we want to buy another home we will contact Stephen Hall if he is still in business.

Yours truly
Denise and Philip Bowles

June 2001

Denise & Philip bought and sold 3 properties

Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall

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