"Stephen will be my Realtor and personal friend for the rest of my life."

I was injured in an industrial accident in 1986 and after a series of operations have a permanent disability. For circumstances not under my control I also have suffered through bankruptcy. Severe depression started to settle in. The only thing that made life worth living up till this point was having a loving supportive wife, my children and caring family and friends. I always had a burning desire to own my own home but felt I was doomed to rent for the rest of my life. I’m 47 years old and had been turned down by banks so many times for a mortgage loan that I lost count. Being rejected so many times is very disconcerting. But for the people that know me, they know I’m not a quitter. It might take me longer to get there, but I was determined to never giving up. One day I called Stephen about a home he had listed. He asked me a number of qualifying questions. I told him my story like I had told many realtors before. Unlike the others, Stephen to my surprise listened; he was very sympathetic to my situation. Most dropped me like a hot potato once they had heard I had gone bankrupt and had no down payment. Naturally I was skeptical when Steve said he could help, but hey, I liked what I heard. Well the rest is history. I can’t believe it. Every morning when I wake up to the sunshine and birds I pinch myself and ask, is this for real or am I just dreaming, guess what Larry, you finally own my own home.

We have already referred several people to Stephen and highly recommend him for anyone that has a real estate need. Stephen will be my Realtor and personal friend for the rest of my life.

From my wife and I, we thank you so much.

Larry and Annetta Nicholl June 2003

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Stephen Hall

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