There is no question in this housing down turn we can experience short sales and foreclosures.

 There is no question that in this housing down turn we can experience short sales and foreclosures. There are home owners who have purchased within the last year or so, when the prices were much higher, who could be in a deficit position if forced to sell. When circumstances change as they often do such as the loss of a job, separation or divorce etc. can put a couple in financial jeopardy if forced to sell, especially when the home they purchased was at a higher price than it is now. Even worse, if they only went in with 5% down, or no down payment at all.

The problem then multiplies when seller’s don’t understand that there is a big difference between a traditional Realtor® Consultant and any ole Realtor® they happen to come across to represent them that has to track record with this type of transaction or very little real selling experience at all in this market.

The problem is that many of these agents are flying by the seat of their pants and have done nothing to educate themselves on the ins and outs of closing a short sale. The end result is that on many occasions consumers can get very poor advice that can cost them dearly.

You may be wondering why this has become such a passion of mine? The answer is simple. There are numerous Real Estate agents and buyers that have been involved in deals where the listing agent did not know what they were doing. The end result for a number of different reasons is a sale that didn’t happen. When this happens moving forward becomes harder for the agents that do know what they are doing to find buyers for the homes they are marketing. The property than becomes stale and its value drops even more.

One the other side of the coin, there are experienced full service Realtor® Consultants with the experience and expertise to protect your home investment.

To date, industry statistics indicate almost 50% of homes that go to market have not sold! Just imagine almost half of the homes have not sold! How frustrating and disappointing that must be? And the financial stress can be overwhelming!

If you have investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds or futures and you were planning on selling them to get the greatest return, wouldn’t you seek out the advice of a professional, someone with a proven track record and years of experience?  It would be foolish to do otherwise, especially when professional advise doesn’t cost anymore.

And the same is true for your largest investment of all, your home. Getting the RIGHT information is very important! You can actually save money when engaging the services of a full service Realtor® Consultant!

That's why in my initial consultation, I discuss the six step process that considers the prime factors that affect a property's marketability. I discuss the Net Equity of the home and how to make it more saleable to obtain a predictable and satisfying result. Would you not agree, learning how not to become a frustrated and disappointed static is very important information for the serious seller.

If you would like to have further information on this subject, feel free to contact me for your complimentary consultation.

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