"We sold for $25,000 more that we would have hoped ... selling privately"

 This is a letter of appreciation I would like to share with you, received from another of my satisfied clients. The Vendor has given me permission to share this letter with you so that you too can have the same satisfying experience as she did when using our services without the inconveniences, stress and anxiety that go along with trying to sell privately.

"Steve, this is the second time we used your services and I just want to express my appreciation for all that you have done for us. You have always come through and have exceeded our expectation. "The first house you sold for us just two short years ago, sold within 18 days, which was pretty fast in a slower market. By following Steve’s professional guidance we put $ 5000 more in our pocket than we could have hoped to get from the previous Realtor we had listed with."

"The second house you sold for us I thought I would try privately first because we had only lived there for a year and felt we had not built enough equity to pay a real estate commission.  So without Steve’s knowledge, I contracted a private marketing company, because I realized I couldn't properly do it on my own and I needed help.  It cost me a non-refundable, just under $1200 whether the house sold or not. The private marketing company suggested list was $205,000, We paid $190,000 with the hopes of getting a $195,000 in pocket."

"When Steve learned what I had done, he was mortified. He showed me that he could get a higher selling price than I could hope to ever achieve selling privately even with the help of one of these un-professional companies.  I needed professional guidance on the critical factors of selling a home and the numbers Steve showed me would put more money in our pocket. He gave me some very important and convincing direction to accomplish that. One thing I appreciate about Steve, he is always honest and direct."

"He explained that everyone loves to save money but so does the buyer. Buyers who respond to my for sale by owner ads and sign have an agenda too. They plan to save the same commission the seller is not paying the Realtor; being the reason they want to deal with me in the first place." "He also showed me as a seller acting alone I was restricted to a very small percentage of the available buyers. He had access to 100% of the pool of potential buyers, including MLS and worldwide referral networks, exposing my home to many more possible purchasers. The increased exposure did result in a higher sales price than I could have hoped to achieve on my own."

"I’m sure most buyers would find it extremely awkward to negotiate or even to talk to me about their personal finances and I’m sure my Lack of negotiating experience would no doubt result in a lower selling price, or even worse a bungled contract."

"Suffice to say, we sold for $25,000 more that we would have hoped to get selling privately, paid the real estate commission and had $15,000 in our pockets. If we had sold privately we would have only realizes $4000 at the most. That’s an $11,000 profit! We would have lost $11,000 not to mention spending time and money advertising, promoting, answering calls, and being available at all hours without notice had we stayed with that Private Marketing Co.

Steve more than paid for his services and I would highly recommend him to anyone."


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