You don’t know why no one has made an offer!


So you have been trying to sell for some time and you don’t know why no one has made an offer! One of the most difficult parts of selling is NOT knowing, and after all our best efforts why potential buyers have not made an offer. When a property is being offered for sale, it is important to know what buyers are honestly thinking.

A little known fact is that most buying decisions are made after the buyer has left the viewed property. Many times, after viewing the property, buyers start to talk themselves out of buying. A buyer needs a competent REALTOR® to discuss their questions and concerns with them. After your property has been shown, I find out what the agent and his/her buyer taught of your property. If they haven't written an offer, we would like to know the reasons and give you the feedback. With this knowledge in hand, we can make corrections and adjustments, if necessary, that can often make the difference between a property lingering on the market or selling quickly for the best possible price.

Our goal is to maximize your net profits and to minimize inconveniences. Knowing what potential buyers are thinking can help us reach these goals. For peace of mind, we implement a great showing follow-up system. If you would like to have further information about this program and also the six reasons a home does or does not sell and why over 50% of listed home do not sell, please give me a call.

This time of year opens up many fine opportunities for people interested in selling their homes and receiving top market value. Curious to see what your home would be worth in today’s marketplace? Please give me a call for a complementary Property Evaluation.


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