There is a popular misconception that winter is the off season for selling real estate. Many people decide to list their home for sale in the spring versus the winter, thinking it’s a better time to sell. Also sellers with homes already listed, often take their house off the market as soon as the cold hits and re-list again in the spring. Contrary to popular belief, experience shows there are many advantages to selling your home in the winter. It is actually a great time to sell. Here are 4 reasons why:

Motivated Buyers. Not only are there actually buyers out looking in the winter, but they are typically extremely motivated. There are plenty of people who need to buy a home in the winter, whether it’s because of a job relocation or major family change, like a new baby. These buyers want to get into a home quickly and are sometimes willing to pay top market dollar because there are fewer for sale homes to choose from. People willing to brave the cold weather and snow are serious about finding a home. You will probably have fewer showings, but the people who come through will be more motivated. This is the ideal situation!

Less Competition. There are fewer homes listed for sale in the winter and because of this, you will have less competition. Other sellers are missing out on this ideal opportunity to sell their homes, which works in you favor. With less inventory on the market, sellers have more control.

Rising Mortgage Rates. An anticipated rise in mortgage rates is another reason why it may be advantageous to list your home in winter. For many buyers, this expected policy change is motivation to strap on their boots and find the right home before rates increase, regardless of the cold weather.

Better Price For Your Home. With a good marketing system and less inventory, your home has greater potential to get top market dollar. Sellers definitely have more control in a winter transaction because there are fewer competing homes encouraging multiple offers. In the spring & summer months, buyers could have 40 to 50 homes to choose from, but in the winter, there may only be 10 or 12 that fit the same criteria. Because of this, the market favors the seller, whereas this coming spring and summer, higher inventory levels favor the buyer and reverts to a “Buyer’s Market.”

Beat the spring market by selling now and gain the winter market advantage! Without obligation, please call me to determine your timeline for making your move. The "SOLD Sign Challenge Sellers Marketing System" sells homes faster with fewer days on the market, while encouraging a higher sales price.

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