“SOLD Sign Challenge Seller’s Marketing System”

“SOLD Sign Challenge Seller’s Marketing System”

Why is the marketing system I’m using, called the “SOLD Sign Challenge Seller’s Marketing System?” Because there are more FOR SALE Signs then SOLD Signs. In this market, a high number of property listings are failing to sell compared to the number of homes that do.

Selling real estate has changed and sellers are facing daunting challenges. Gone are the days of just putting a sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper or a posting on MLS! Sellers these days need good solid advice to protect their equity, plus a systematized marketing program custom designed to make your home stand out above your competition, increase viewer traffic and draw more attention from both buyers and co-operating Realtors. The "SOLD Sign Challenge Sellers Marketing System" is a proactive systematized approach that sells homes faster with fewer days on the market, while encouraging a higher sales price.

The power point presentation and custom property analysis of your home’s value and complimentary     21 page brochure shows how to get more money, avoid "Seller and Agent Sabotage", and the expensive reactive approach of "chasing the market down".

There is no magic bullet! Selling a home requires experience, hard work and a systematized marketing program. Avoid being months on the market, losing Thousands $$ unnecessarily! It’s happening!

Do you know someone or perhaps you yourself may need advice or just have a couple of questions that need answers about buying, selling or borrowing? Please call, I will be happy to help without obligation.

Stephen Hall, NLAR                                                                                                                         Senior Real Estate Advisor 32 years                                                                                                  Century 21 Seller's Choice Inc.                                                                                                           A Commissioner for Oaths                                                                                                              682-2502 cell                                                                                                                www.stephenhallrealtor.ca                                                                                       stephen.hall@century21.ca

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