25 years

At the sales meeting that just pasted,my broker handed me this heavy box and said congrats on being with us for 25 years here is your long term service award.Wow time flies by!!

Its was 25 years ago when I graduated from college ,pumped and ready to go to be an Appraiser at least that is what my degree said.So i join Century 21,they gave me a mustard colored coat and a brown badge with my name on it and said welcome to the teamyou s.o.b(son of broker).Next was three little black binders so I could put the MLS inventory,which came each day on small sheets of paper ,we punch holes and put them in our binders and now we are ready to sell.Next,now  this is crazy,as realtors we would go to open houses through the week in the mornings and view our inventory and the competitions also so we would now what we were talking about.Next came catalogues and a thing called a dummy terminal,life got so much simpler ,throw in tha fax,one page purchase and sales with carbon copy,The "pink one is yours'we would say and for heavens sakes" buyer beware"!

Mustard(so called gold)coats were out and the Biege or cream was in, technology was rolling in fast and furious and still is,pagers replaced by bag phones and if you were selling lots you had motorola flip phone,oh how i wanted a flip phone and by the time i got one the great sellers were taking god damn pictures with thiers!I have caught up on the technology in todays  industry ,i got a laptop,desktop,i phone, ipad,itouch,laser measuring devise,bluetoooth,but i find my favorite devise is the thing called a pen not even an expensive one for writing offers that i still like to do,instead of typing,its an old habit i cant break.

Staying with the same company for 25 years has been rewarding .I have made alot of friends,great clientale and most of all its provided a great living for me to raise my family.So when i think back in time of when i started to today,the changes are unbelievable and i know they will keep coming and i will still keep plugging to keep up.This long term service award i will be proud of and maybe on i will put on display.

Thank you Century 21 Countryside for putting up with me, and thank you all my clients and friends in this business!

cheers,from stevie mac

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