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It's been a week since George Jones has passed away ,so yesterday when i watched my father listening to the funeral in the car on satelite radio with a kleenex in his hand you realize how much of an impact  George had on folks and maybe have some reflections of my own.The first one being the smell of bacon and eggs coming from upstairs every sunday morning with country music blaring through a piece of furniture from the living room.You know the piece,usually the largest piece of furniture in the house ,brown in color with a lid,you lift the lid and a turn table sits there with a record spinning around and about and 45 albums stuffed on the sides.None of those albums you would play when your friends were over because it wasnt cool.Most of those albums were of the George Jones,Charley Pride and the Outlaw crew and one guy and the name always made me giggle Bobby Bare and you could count on those guys to be playing  every sunday morning.

You could count on George playing on the 8-track on road trips to rexton,the days when you had to listen to 6 songs before you got to your favorite one.You can count on Danny Schurman belting out Choices at every Century 21 function going on,you can count on George being on one of my uncles,my brothers and of course my playlists on our i pods.I will remember being with Mom and Dad in Saint John watching the concert with the entire village of Bouctouche behind us..The line Now show jones applies to every guy on our beer league team that doesn't show up for the game.So keep playing George songs and singing them,and if you can find the song Finally Friday on you tube,your i pad,or even if you have one of those crazy boxes with turn table let er rip and this Sunday i am having Bacon and eggs and putting on some old country!!!

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