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So let me first say that i am not much of a writer but Century 21 says i should blog to make my site be more available if people read my notes.So in the next while i will be trying ideas that i think someone may be interested in,maybe a new restaurant,a movie,real estate questions or promotions ect .or things that are near and dear to me(passions so to speak).Which will be my first topic ,THE LEAFS!! It was 1967 when they last won ,I was one years old at the time,what a year it was,so my passion for this miserable team has lasted for some time now and as i get set to enjoy the playoffs tonight i am reflecting on the past years.By the way it has been 9 years since the last playoffs,i knew i had a jersey so I dug through the closets and found it,just like new,no spilt beer smells,chicken wing sauce or pizza stains ,just ready to go.I forgot about the great one episode,the gilmour inicident,i even forgot the night cbc went down in moncton the night of a big game and called them multiple times to remind them they were ruing my evening.

i was hoping it would be Montreal and Toronto for the first round ,that way at least  one of these miserable teams will make it to the second round,however we get the bruins,who have an ape on the blueline a,rodent who will hurt at least two leafs and at least two leaf draft picks that will certainly remind us of our past.And by the way i hope the ottawa /monteal series is blackouted because i cant stand either team.So tonight i will watch and wear my jersey and do my best to get beer on the sleeves and just hope that the leafs can put up a fight.Hockey is our pastime ,pools are started and the banter has begun,enjoy the playoffs Canada.cheers.Go leafs GO!!!


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  1. A 05/03/2013 at 7:09 AM

    So tell us who is the actual Ape on the blue line and the Rodent who will take out a couple of leafs....... are they sitting out the next game.

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