Exterior Panel Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning a home's exterior panelling, whether it's made of wood, vinyl, or metal, is an important maintenance procedure. The panelling requires an annual effort to ensure it remains visually attractive and in good shape.

One of the more popular cleaning tools for this task is a pressure washer. However, it's important that it be used with care and in accordance with your home's exterior surface in order to avoid damage. For example, wood siding can easily chip or splinter due to excessively high pressure from a washer. Vinyl and metal siding can withstand some washer pressure, but if you use a soapy solution, it could get behind the panelling through the panel's drainage holes and damage the moisture barriers that is often the foundation for siding installations.

This being said, read instructions carefully and adjust the pressure accordingly. If you clean your siding by hand, scrub the panels from the bottom up to avoid lingering stains, before rinsing from the top down.

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