How a Realtor Can Help- Community Services and Information

Lets face it, moving can be hectic. Between moving furniture and packing your personal items, the waste left over from packing can quickly become overwhelming. Before you know it, you’re swimming in boxes, cardboard, plastic, and newspaper. Below is a great article about what common items can be recycled, such as plastic bags, paper, and coffee cup capsules, and things you shouldn’t recycle, such as plastic #7, batteries, light bulbs, aerosol cans.

As well, its important to talk to your local municipality when you move into a new home and find out important information regarding waste disposal and services. Information such a garbage pick up dates, fees, recycling and other stipulations your municipality may have about what you can put out on the curb are all important to know when buying or selling. Or, you can simply talk to your Realtor, as they will be able to share with you services offered in communities, ranging from garbage and recycling to schools, bus routes and internet and TV services offered in your community. 

Just another way Realtors can help.



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