A Few Back To School Tips

Back To School is in Full Swing!

Now that we are in September it is back to school time again. At any age or grade level your children might benefit from reviewing good habits, as they ease out of summer break and back into a new school year. Read forward to review some good tips that will prepare your child for the upcoming year.

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Worth revisiting every year is ensuring children are well rested in preparation for back to school time and effective learning. Summer holidays may allow for later bedtimes, but with back to school in full swing adjusting sleep times might be a great idea. Children should be well rested to maintain positive attention spans and attitudes throughout the school day; earlier bedtimes and more rest can be just the ticket!

Remind your children that a new school year could be a great opportunity to make new friends. Even if they may know students from the previous year, suggest that they introduce themselves to someone new. This is a great way to encourage healthy social skills at a young age.

High School aged students or teenagers might benefit from being encouraged to join a sports team or try a new school club that they may have never considered before. Getting involved in a new sports team or club can be a great way for teenagers to meet new people, try new things and exercise new skills. It can benefit a teenager’s self-esteem to find out that they are really good at something and a very rewarding experience too. All children are different; some may embrace a full schedule while others may feel frustrated. Be aware of any changes in mood as a response to this experience and careful not to encourage too many extra-curricular activities so as not to take away from your child’s studies or result in overwhelming feelings.

A little positivity goes a long way. Getting excited about the new school year not only leaves windows for conversation open for discussions, but helps to generate interest and enthusiasm for prospective learning. Reminding children that new starts and learning new things can be a lot of fun. This will help children to be enthusiastic about learning. When discussing a new school year with older children ask questions like whom their teachers are, or principal is. Discussing what courses they have chosen can be a great conversation starter too.

Give children a space at home that is designated for homework and learning. Ensure that appropriate supplies are available there so that they can remain focused on their school work tasks. Be sure to set up a desk lamp; good lighting makes any time a great time for learning. Setting a scheduled time for homework and a calendar with extra fun work exercises can be a great incentive for learning and encouraging healthy study habits.

High school kids may respond better to more independent learning studies. Encourage teenagers to use their agenda on a regular basis to promote strong time management skills. Reviewing what they have recorded is a good indicator to parents on what their children are learning in the classroom.



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