Beavers in Berczy Village Park, Unionville


A few days ago when I went for a walk through our local park and I noticed quite a few trees laying on the western bank of the ravine. Looking closer I noticed those trees had "teeth marks". The trees had been cut down by beavers. The pond they are in, is on the south side of Bur Oak Avenue at Glenbrook Drive in Berczy Village Unionville. Looking closer I noticed the beavers (I say plural as I actually saw three at one time) have also made a dam which has increased the size of the pond significantly over what it used to be. Other than the loss of the Poplar trees that have be cut down and the probable loss of more trees that are now under water,  none of the local home owners have suffered any damage to their property that I'm aware of.

My question is: When does the cost of the damage done by wildlife exceed the benefit of being able to watch them in their "natural" environment? I would really like to know people's opinions on this. Drop me a line and I'll keep you posted on the beaver dam. Better yet, drop by and take a look for yourself. If you can't, check out the video to see the area for yourself.



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