New Plaza in Markham

I am well aware of the massive construction projects that have been rapidly changing the face of Markham for the past year, what with the new rapidways for Viva buses and the development of some new commercial spaces.

But it wasn't until today that I finally ventured to the new plaza at Village Parkway and Highway 7 in Unionville. I had always known there was a Whole Foods Market - the growing organic supermarket chain - but I had never gone to explore what else this plaza has to offer. I discovered today that there is actually a whole plethora of offerings here to satisfy many tastes and needs, including some great casual hangout spots (Panera Bread, Second Cup, Yogurty's and Froyo's), personal care stores (Hakim Optical), banks (RBC and BMO) and even a store to meet the needs of your furry or scaly friends (Pet Valu). There will also be a Bed, Bath and Beyond arriving later this spring.
From the looks of things, there is lots more development to come. With it being in a central location, I'm sure it will draw some exciting new stores!

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