Spring Cleaning

It’s scary, but it’s a necessity. During the colder months, we tend to let household clutter and stuffiness build up in our homes, making them less enjoyable, increasingly stressful environments and cabin fever inducing.
As the season of fresh, new beginnings, spring has, over time, been linked to  cleaning, getting rid of clutter and starting anew. So, in the spirit of the season, here are a few tips on how to freshen up your abode.

Divide and conquer
Take on one room at a time to lessen the load. This way, you’ll see the results faster than spreading yourself out and doing little bits everywhere. Before you know it, you’ve given your bedroom a complete facelift. And onto the next room.
De-clutter and organize
Separate your belongings into four containers: trash, giveaway/sell, put in storage and keep. Take what you’re left with and organize it further by sectioning off your sock and underwear drawer or labeling the file system in your office. You can really never be too organized.
Clean it good
Give everything a good bath, making sure to get in behind furniture, inside the drawers and cupboards and on top of appliances and shelves. You can even make your efforts earth-friendly by using simple,  natural materials such as vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.
Take it outside
Remove all of your bed sheets, blankets and throws and hang them outside on the line or over the deck railing so the fresh air can blow through them. Take all of your rugs and mats outside and give them a good beating with a broom to get rid of the dust and dirt that has collected over the months. Let them air out for a while before bringing them back inside.

Storage hunt
Every home has hidden storage that is not living up to its potential. Use the tops of cupboards and bookcases by placing baskets, artsy bowls or antique boxes on top to hold your unsightly knick-knacks. Closet organizers are also great tools that can be bought at most home stores and create tons of extra, organized space to keep your belongings.

Take what you don’t want from your de-clutter pile and donate it to  charity. You’ll be ridding yourself of the extra baggage and providing for someone else in need. What a great way to start spring!

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