Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Agents?

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The whole getting social concept is very new for the real estate sector but it is the need of the hour so like it or not it is among the must follow traits of the real estate industry which is constantly evolving with the changing technology. With the booming interaction of businesses on social media and the immense power it has in boosting your business is making it one of the must follow digital marketing etiquettes for real estate marketing.  

A lot of research time and again is also depicting the hazards of not being available on the social front. In a way not being active on the social front is also challenging your credibility as a real estate professional. Unlike the traditional advertising the Facebook platform reaches out to a vast spectrum of audiences and you can scale progress with the amazing daily and weekly insights and a lot of analytics if you like to get into details

Getting Started: Create a business page on Facebook. Straighten all the branding attributes. Now that you are already to get started lets begin sharing some information about yourself:

  • Who you are.

  • Where you reside

  • Your Expertise

The next step is to make a robust strategy, then determine goals; target accordingly plan and execute things like a professional. Once you have a strategy planned about how you want to reach out to your prospective clients and how they can reach you effectively you have laid the foundation. Further you need to estimate how are you going to direct the traffic in other words how the visitors on your Facebook page reach your website. Generally the best practice is to direct them to your website through  a landing  contact us page or a fun contest, prize giveaway etc. consider one or all of the above mentioned tactics as they act as a great hook to increase traffic.

Keywords: Streamline your search terms, in other words keywords well as they are the only source through which you will reach your prospective audiences. So invest a great deal of time and determine keywords with the help of Facebook Keyword tool. This tool estimates the number of searches made for the specific keyword and then gives you a clear idea about the number of clicks with an estimated cost.

Advertisement: Make sure along with a catchy text you have an attractive high resolution picture as this increases the chances of reaching out to more people. As along with complementing the text the picture reinforces a great deal of  interest quotient. Make sure your advertisement has an effective Call to Action “Get more Information Now.”

Leads: The whole purpose of advertising is gaining access to credible leads. So its time to scale the progress of all your hard work. Facebook is efficient as you can see your visitors, optimize your reach for user satisfaction, share your contact information and build trust. Like traditional advertising make sure you monitor and tweak the ads on Facebook.

Hope this helps you to improve your rapport with prospective clients and bag few new connections too. Don’t forget to comment and share your experiences with Facebook ads and something that has worked and something that has not.

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