Doing Less, With More

I don't know if you are like me but I love decorating my home. I love changing it around and discovering new possibilities for rooms. Sometimes placement of furniture or adding or removing artwork can give a whole new feel to a room. I find a lot of my ideas on the Internet or magazines or through bursts of creative inspiration.

Decorating doesn't have to mean dishing out mega money though. I love surfing Pinterest, and trying out some of the DIY projects people come up with. There are also some super creative bloggers out there in the blogosphere that are sharing their creativity and step by step processes with everyone.

I get excited when I come across great ideas that are inexpensiveOde to the Humble paint chip or free by reclaiming or reusing items you find in your home in a different way. A friend of mine, Becky, recently started a blog which showcases her creativity. She has come up with artistic and beautiful ideas that are easy on the pocket book. I highly recommend you check out her blog for some creative inspriation of your own,

What are some of your favorite sites for DIY and decorating?





Decorating is a matter of personal taste and is part of the fun process you go through when you have bought your new home but when you prep your home for sale you need it staged! Staging removes the personal touches and aims to maximize your homes strengths whilst downplaying it's weaknesses.

If you are planning on selling your home, text me or call me and I can help you to stage your home to sell!

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