How To Generate Leads from Blogs

Real estate is all about building rapport with your clients. This is not difficult as it sounds however it is also important to have insights about the community. The best way to start connecting with prospective clients is sharing information online and the best free tool to do this is blogging. Most real estate websites today have the option for agents to blog as it has become the need of the hour and is an effective promotion tool to share advice on real estate.

What really counts when you plan to generate leads with the help of  blogs is very simple. How do you portray yourself online? How do you use social media? Are you updated about the latest trends and the technology your brokerage is offering? these are the first baby steps that you should take to start on the path of success to generate leads with the help of blogs.

As a real estate professional Salesperson or Broker, Broker of Record to be a applauded blogger you should follow the following simple tips:


Stand Out: Being unique is crucial as there is a lot of competition if at any point you seem self obsessed or do not give any legitimate information people will just stop to read what you share. Before you write plan the idea, then create a topic along the idea further define how you can personalize the concept and your blog is ready to be shared.

Be Genuine: Portray the real you through your blogs. Share the thoughts and ideas as you would do them aor are doing on the daily basis and what are the benefits of the practice on a regular basis and how newbies can keep up.

Audience: Be as specific as possible when addressing an audience. Define your audience often real estate blogs are followed by Buyers, Sellers and fellow Real Estate professionals. Write blogs that will make sense to your target be witty about what you say and how and you will soon develop a fan following. If you have a diverse section of audience who engage with comments on every post the battle is half way won if not you’ve got more work to do keep it going.

Share Content/Experiences: Every experience you’ve had mostly good and if any bad how have you turned it into a pleasant experience share as many positive aspects or learnings people like this stuff. The topics can be simple as all about five important documents for first time buyers, but to add that unique quotient add the flavour of a genuine experience.

Maintain A Schedule: Writing a blog once in a blue moon day is never going to generate leads for you, it is very important to be committed to write. Also the most difficult part is to continue maintaining a schedule.

Contact Information: Why are you writing the blog make it clear to the audience because you have all the expertise and now its time they should contact this piece should be planted subtly. Be practical in your approach again bring the hiding writer within you to take toll and play the charm of words and then bagging a lead will be a piece of cake.


If you are really serious about generating leads using blogs embrace blogging as a marketing tool and sound professional at all times. Make a confident pitch and then treasuring relationships will be easy and leads will just keep coming with proper planning of all the above mentioned steps.

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