Must Know Facts before Owning Land

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There are certain essentials that you should know before owning a land. Although there are similarities between buying a house and a land but there are some other things to keep in mind too. Generally the difference arises with regards to living not always land buyers may live on the land they buy by building a house. However unlike a house the value of  land tends to appreciate more often especially if it is an agricultural land the rates may hike in summer and tend to depreciate in winter. In either scenario before an agreement is signed all land buyers should consider having knowledge about some critical aspects which are elaborated.

Type: Land is segregated into two types developed land and undeveloped land. The most important aspect about  land is the strategic location of the land and the desired purpose the buyers have a mind. So when you are looking to own land make sure that you understand whether the land is developed and undeveloped land. Mostly the benefit of buying developed land is there are few social amenities near by like hospitals, parks, shopping malls which is not the case with undeveloped land. Even if you are buying agricultural land it is important to verify the soil is fertile with adequate water supply and supportive weather conditions.

Zoning: Depending on the region  or the zone there are various laws for land. The purpose of zoning laws is to ensure there are no factories in backyards or the sewage processing plant within town square. In simple terms zoning laws control safety for the people and segregate land into subdivisions which ensures what kind of structure is built in a specific property. Often land buyers overlook this crucial fact and may not be allowed to build a house or factory on a specific piece of property due to restrictions laid down under the zoning laws.

Proximity: Before you buy any land it is very important to know the proximity of water and other utilities (phone, electricity etc.) overlooking on small things like this can cause long term problems.  Also make sure you understand how are the sewage arrangements, once you understand all this it will give you a clear idea amount how much money you need to invest if one or many of the above utilities are inaccessible.  How far the land is away from road is always good to know then you can easily scale the most efficient route of transportation.

Survey: Dont delay in conducting the survey once you have made up your mind to purchase a specific property. Always take assistance from professional surveyors they give you a clear overview of all the perks and flaws of the land with detailed boundaries which always comes handy if you are planning to build a custom home.

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