Fairy Lake & Wesley Brooks Memorial Conservation Area Newmarket

Fairy Lake Newmarket also known as the Wesley Brooks Memorial Conservation Area is a year round open park facility maintained by the York Region Conservation Authority. Fairy Lake Park is a man-made lake maintained by a dam on the East Holland River. It has added to the beauty of Newmarket since it has been established. It offers a large green space by the water with picnic pavilions, playground park equipment, and washrooms open for use in the summer months. Fairy Lake is a popular place for the community to enjoy. Those who frequent the area boast that it is an excellent place to bike ride, roller blade or skateboard where they can go for a leisure walk. You might also find families enjoying a picnic under mature trees in its green space. It has been a popular venue for wedding and family photography with lush backdrops just perfect for photos. Fairy Lake Newmarket is also known to host various popular community festivals. Some of the festivals that Fairy Lake Newmarket offers are as follows:

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