School Locator Tools That Anyone Moving Must Have

Some parents may find themselves wondering about what type of school their children will be going to when moving to a new area. Here are a few convenient links to find out which schools are closest to your neighbourhood. These links will direct you to websites that will help you to choose the best school for your child, or prepare for an upcoming school year or moving to a new area. Feel free to bookmark or share this reference for quick school locator and boundary links for schools in York Region and Toronto. 

The York Region District School Board provides a very simple school locator tool that allows you to enter the street name and street number of where you currently live or where you will be moving to. This will help you find a school near you, or in a community that you are moving to.  

This school locator tool will clearly identify both elementary and secondary schools, and also indicate schools with Arts Programs or French Immersion Programs.

When moving to a new area it will also be important to consider school boundaries. Be aware that this school locator will NOT determine school zones or boundaries for you. We decided that parents may find this information very useful-so we went ahead and found it for you. Just go ahead and conveniently click either elementary or secondary to verify or find your child’s school boundary.

Elementary Boundaries

Secondary Boundaries

To find a school near you within the York Region District School Board click here.

The Toronto District School Board also offers a convenient locator for schools in the Toronto and surrounding areas. Simply type in the street name of the address that you currently live at or are moving to, to access a complete list of elementary schools, secondary schools, intermediate schools, technological programming, business or technical schools and high schools.

Click here to find a school in the Toronto District School Board school near you if you live in Toronto. 


Click here to find Toronto schools in the Toronto District Catholic School Board near you if you live in Toronto.


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