Technology is an invaluable tool for a myriad of reasons, such as learning and communication, to name a few. But what about for growing a business or simply keeping it viable? If you are a business owner, then you may be interested in the "How to use social media to market your business" seminar provided by Sofie Andreou and Associates, which offers a variety of services and seminars for small business owners. 

This seminar will be held on Wednesday, November 14, from 6pm to 8pm at the Markham Executive Offices, Liberty Building (3601 Highway 7 East, Suite 400). Real examples - including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Pinterest - will be used to help you realize the power of Internet social networking and how to effectively use various social media outlets to help your business expand. You will learn how to monitor your target market, strategically link a number of social medias to your webpage to attract new clients, and evaluate the success of your efforts.

There is a $15 fee and pre-registration is required at

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