Tips For Moving

You’ve Sold Your Home & Are Now Preparing to Move

The process of buying and selling your home is not only an emotional process but also one that is filled with small projects to be completed along the way.

A great Real Estate Sales Professional will be there to support you and provide you with the information necessary for you to stay on track in the process of moving your home and its contents.

Now that you have sold your home it is time to prepare for the move. This article will take you through some moving tips on how to move your home, now that it is sold. These are tips that are often overlooked.

  1. Keep a coiled or bound notebook that you can record your activity or ‘to do lists’ while you go through the process of moving. It’s great to have one place to keep notes of important information as a reference, this will help to keep you organized and on track. Look for a notebook with pockets to conveniently store invoices or important paperwork.
  2. Well in advance you can look for cardboard boxes or plastic storage solutions to be used for packing up your home’s contents. Be sure to pick up permanent markers and labels (if necessary) to label your moving boxes. As you pack away items in your home, you can label your moving boxes with the corresponding room that they will be unpacked in. When boxes are unloaded they can be placed in the respective room of your new house, which will make unpacking a lot easier later.
  3. Don’t forget to call your cable, utilities, and phone company to cancel or transfer services. You want to make sure that when you move into your new home, services like gas, electricity, cable and phone are active, hooked up and ready for when you move in.
  4. It is important to let family and friends know that you will be changing your home address. Don’t forget to also notify your doctor, dentist, pharmacy and Canada Post. Important documents like your driver’s license and health card will also require updating. 

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