Why are Tech Savvy Agents: Single Home Buyers Best Friend?

Technology is fostering social media and digital marketing to transform into the leading marketplace for single home buyers. The simple reason is because all the facts and figures are available at a glance. Also they have an option to choose between properties and compare crucial parameters like mortgage with the help mortgage calculator and resolve the dilemma of affordability.

After completing the initial research and analysis using social media, other digital marketing tools which are evolving to suit the fast paced lives of single home buyers they look for like minded people in the real estate industry. To find their dream houses for sale single home buyers choose tech savvy agents; as they understand the value of time and deliver instant feedback. Also building rapport is easy in comparison to the traditional model of communication in real estate.

According to a recent  “Singles Homebuyer Survey” commissioned by Century 21 when it comes to finding the right agent, home sellers as well as buyers have a preference. It may sound a little gender bias but the survey revealed 25% male agents are great negotiators compared to 11% women.

Some of the other key facts  (75%) of single homeowners are 25-50 years, half Single homeowners said the top three factors that best described their motivation for purchasing a home where: they viewed it as an investment in their financial future; got tired of paying rent; and it felt like the right time. In addition, nearly two-thirds of single homeowners (64%) say they overcame a roadblock in order to purchase their home.  

 Source: http://www.century21.com/pressRelease.c21?id=170

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