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Bella Vista

Properties west of Agnew Road over to where Bella Vista Road connects to Tronson Road on both sides of Bella Vista Road with the exception of Westmount. A mixed farm, orchards, vineyards and residential area encompassing beautiful views of Okanagan Lake and the picturesque hills and valley. There is much speculation that Bella Vista will grow substantially in the next two decades. An area with lots of future real estate potential.


Bella Vista neighbourhood is the scenic hillside above Okanagan Lake with panoramic views on the north side. Bella Vista Road is the main road through the neighbourhood and comes directly from Downtown Vernon along 30th Avenue which is Vernon BC's main downtown street. Bella Vista Road is literally the high road leaving downtown neighbourhoods and rises quickly above South Vernon and Okanagan Landing neighbourhoods to travel along the north side of Okanagan Lake. Tronson Road is parallel below Bella Vista Road and it travels along the waterfront. The Bella Vista neighbourhood begins with the condo and townhouse strata communities of Bella View on 27th Avenue, Vista Ridge on Bella Vista Road. Branching off Bella Vista are areas of family houses on Heritage Drive, Allenby Way and smaller streets which connect with Okanagan landing below.


On the north side of Bella Vista Road are the larger orchards and attractions of Davison Orchards and Planet Bee Honey Farm. Traveling along past Ringo-En Orchards one gets the first glimpses of Okanagan Lake and here the panoramic vistas begin. Sunnyview Drive takes you up to Orchard Ridge Drive, Appaloosa Way, Pinto Place and Southview are next with full views across the valley. Next is the Lakeridge area which presents Okanagan Lake in all it's glory. At the conclusion of Bella Vista Road one has two choices to travel. The Rise, a brand new luxury golf community is on the right rising much higher on the Bella Vista hillside. Driving left, one winds down the lakeview hillside and arrives at Tronson Road on the lake. Following Tronson along the lakefront brings the visitor to the waterfront areas of Beachcomber Bay and Adventure Bay

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