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Part Two: How to declutter


In part two of our series on resolutions for your home, we look at five of the best ways that you can declutter your life by decluttering your home in 2013!

Ditch it or donate it!

You know that old TV set that is sitting collecting dust in the basement? The microwave that is wasting space in the garage? The bookshelf that has been empty for years? Now is the perfect time to ditch it or donate it. Or, if you have high quality items that you are no longer using, put them up on Kijiji or eBay and try your luck at making a few buck off of them!

Purge the paper

One of the biggest clutter issues many homes have is from paper. Even now that we are starting to accept a majority of our bills and banking online, there is still a mountain of paper coming into our homes every year. Take this New Year to go through all your papers and recycle anything that isn’t necessary. Then invest in labeled filing cabinets and insist on a “file, don’t pile” rule around the house to make sure papers don’t start accumulating once again.

Be wise with space

Don’t overestimate the power of your walls, your ceiling, or those tiny little nooks and crannies in your home. Take advantage of these spaces on your home to add shelves that can help make better use of knick-knacks or try filling up empty wall space by hanging photos instead of allowing them to clutter up desk space.

 Minimize media mess


Aside from paper, it is often our media storage that gets out of hand – TV’s, DVD’s, CD’s, stereo’s, video games, consoles, cords, cables, and so much more can all lead to one big over flowing mess in your family’s common area. Consider investing in a media storage unit that will allow for better organization (or at least better hiding of the mess!) or building shelving right onto your walls for optimal space usage.

Practice“one in, one out”

Dying to buy that gorgeous vase you saw at the home show? Tempting to pick up that fabulous coat you saw on sale last week? If your house is already a clutter zone, make a “one in, one out” promise to yourself – for every item that you bring into your home, something of the same caliber has got to go. Not only will this help prevent ample build up but it will also help keep your purchases to a minimum.

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