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Well if the soft, sweet breezes didn't give it away, the sing-a-long ring of the ice cream truck soon would: Spring is here and summer is officially on it's way.
Whether or not your home is on the market and you are looking to make it more appealing to buyers, there are a number of things you should always do as the seasons change and the warmer weather comes rolling in.
Clean up your lawns


The great thing about winter is that it allows you to lock up that lawn mower for a few months. The bad news? Once all that snow melts you're left with one big patch of brown blah. Start your spring right and prepare for greener grasses by raking over your lawn to remove dead growth before you fertilize, as well as clean up twigs and debris, and repair areas that are going to need patching and tending.
Revamp your garden


The early months of spring are the perfect time to reassess your garden design in order to full enjoy the benefits of its beauty in the summer. Begin your plans by pruning trees and shrubs and pulling out annual and perennial weeds to best see where you can fill in space for the coming months. Next research the list of flowers and vegetables which are best planted in the spring, and get to work on glorifying your garden!
Wash your windows


The snow, the sleet, the salt - all elements that can leave you with an awful (and unsightly) layer of grit and grime and dirt on your windows come the winters end. Devote an afternoon this spring to cleaning your windows, both inside and out, using these simply steps. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts of white vinegar and water, spray on windows and let sit for 15 minutes. Scrub down the windows and panes with a plastic bristle brush and then follow with a traditional window cleaner.
Prep your patio



Not only is a nice patio a huge selling point for a house, but even if you aren't selling, it is probably somewhere that you are going to spend a lot of time over the next few months. Take the time to properly sweep out your patio area and spray down your deck. Rinse off your patio furniture and if necessary, consider replacing your outdoor upholstery with something colourful and stylish.
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