The importance of staging your home…and how to do it right

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Everyone always says that first impressions are important, but in real estate first impressions aren't just important they are everything. The way you present your home, from the first moment a potential buyer sets foot in the door, is an absolutely integral part of selling your property and the right presentation can literally mean the difference between a good sale and a great one.

Staging a home for selling is literally a process of creating illusions -- it is about finding strategic ways to make spaces look bigger or brighter or more appealing to people who are looking to buy your home. And this is a process that entails so much more than just a little *** 'n Span and a good pair of rubber gloves, this is the process of potentially turning your home into an entirely different place (at least by appearance sake) before you can sell it. And here is how…

Give yourself time
Take out at least 7-10 solid days from your schedule to properly prep your home for sale. Whether that means taking a weeks holidays from work or spreading it out over a number of weekends prior to your showing, you have to make sure you invest enough time to do all the work that needs to be done and to do it properly.

Depersonalize from your "home"
Make sure that, even though you may still be living in this house, you have accepted the fact that it is no longer your "home". This means that removing old family photos from the mantel and finally redecorating your grown daughters childhood bedroom might be necessary in order to have a better chance at selling your property.

Spend when you need to
On top of minor repairs and upgrades, it is some times beneficial in the long run to incur some extra costs in the short term. Purchases such as paint, wallpaper, new window coverings, or decorative pieces, may be essential in order to best present your home the way buyers will want to see it. Make sure ask your realtor for help weighing the costs against the likeliness of an increased value. If the pros outweigh the cons, go for it.

Get professional help
When all else fails, don't be afraid to ask your realtor for the help of a someone trained in staging. Professional home stagers are skilled at turning a simple room into something dramatically different. Utilizing their design skills and innate eye for detail will only benefit you in the end, in particular if home decor is not your strongest suit.

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