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The Perfect Gift

A gift-giving guide for when you're invited to dinner.

Tis' the season for celebrations and soirees. Whether it's a dinner party or a cocktail party, it's proper etiquette (and a good idea) to bring a gift for your hosts. The challenge is that most people don't know what to bring or what is appropriate.

Style (and thoughtfulness) over substance is the key to a successful party gift. Going overboard and buying a really expensive item may seem gauche, so dial it back a little... but, put your heart into it!

If you and your hostess have been friends for years, consider a gift that represents a favorable memory or fun time or travels spent together. If you don't know them well, opt for something generic and safe, such as a bottle of wine or herb infused vinegar or olive oil.

The packaging of the gift is very important, so spend the time and effort to make the presentation look as attractive as possible. Be creative and consider using "unusual" items to package your gift.

Finally, a hand-written "thank you" note after the event is a nice touch.

Enjoy the holidays!

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