With the pressure of moving, trying to find your dream home in Toronto, or anywhere else, can be made easier if you avoid these top five most common buying and selling mistakes made by home owners.

 1. Hiring the first sales person you meet:  Meet with a few sales agents in order to find the one who is right for you. Some sales agents are only looking for commission, rather than satisfying you as a buyer/seller. It is important to make sure that you feel comfortable with your agent, and your agent understands your real estate needs and concerns.

2.    Not making your expectations clear: Communication is key to success in both buying and selling homes. As a buyer you should be clear on what you want and don't want in your new home. Be sure to clarify all of your expectations with your Realtor.

3.    Failing to read and understand forms and contracts: Make sure you read the fine print! With our busy schedules it is easy to miss the details in forms and contracts which you may need to sign. Ensure that all of the blanks are filled in before you sign, and get a copy for yourself.  

4.    Allowing emotions to take over : When you see a property that you love, you may be tempted to put in an offer as quick as possible, but it is important to have a home inspection done no matter how much you love your possible new home

5.    Assuming everything is included: The seller may want to take the appliances within the home with them when they move, and you may be left to buy all new appliances once you move in.  To ensure that you do not get left with an appliance-free house, make it clear in your offer what you expect to be included in the deal. 

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Sudha Verma

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