leaking pilot valve

tools and materials required;

channel-lock pliers or wrench,screwdriver,new fill valve,teflon tape,and washers.

basic repair techniques

1. Shut off water supply to toilet and flush toilet to remove water from tank.Remove remaining water in tank using sponges or towels.

2. Disconnect the supply line from the toilet.

3. Most old ballcocks can be replaced with new pilot valves.First disconnect the refill tube and any linkage from the valve and the flapper.next, remove the faulty fill valve assembly.

4. It is often more difficult to repair a fill valve than to replace it.

5. Install the new fill valve assembly following the instructions of the manufacturer for connecting and adjusting the assembly.

6. Open the shut-off valve and test your repair by flushing.the water level should be 12.5mm to 25 mm below the top of the overflow tube.

7. Adjust water level as required or call a licensed plumber.

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