Why Should Buyers and Sellers Agents Be at Home Inspections?

Why Real Estate Agents Should Attend Home Inspections?

Whether to be present at the home inspection has been a debatable topic among all real estate sales professionals. Not all have a clear answer having attended a lot myself my recommendation is  home inspection is one of the most important hurdles to clear in a real estate transaction; so attend to make sure everything falls in place smoothly. All real estate agents should attend home inspections because if there is anything the inspector finds and says during and after the inspection and it  has significant influence on the final sale, so of course it only makes sense for everyone involved – the buyer, the buyers agent and the sellers agent to be there. Yet many times, you will find buyers following the home inspector around with no Realtors in sight.

An experienced real estate salesperson understands the importance of attending a home inspection and always considers it to be a part of his duties to represent a client. Whether the real estate agent chooses to be one step behind the inspector the whole time, or wait quietly in the background to answer the client’s questions, will depend on the agent. But you can always spot a careless or uninvolved realtor by his or her absence at the inspection. This applies to both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. Each has a client to represent and should be present at the home inspection!

Given the fact that more real estate transactions go sour because of some kind of issue, it is important that sellers do what it takes to get ready for the buyers home inspection. Some common issues that should be addressed prior to an inspection taking place.A realtor is supposed to represent the client although it may not be a subject that many real estate agents want to bring up, in reality it is extremely easy to become a real estate agent. As long as you can read the study material and successfully take the test, you can call yourself a real estate agent. Like with all careers that have a low barrier to entry, the real estate industry attracts both shining stars and real duds.

Some real estate agents are highly dedicated, motivated to excel and constantly striving to better serve their clients. Others are just there for the paycheck, if and when it comes in. Whether they have a second income to rely on, or they just live on the cheap, they only do the bare minimum to be called a Realtor. I like to call this a post and pray real estate agent. They do very little and never go the extra mile. This is not to say that all realtors who miss a home inspection are terrible at their job or doing wrong by their client. It could be that they have a scheduling conflict and it is just not possible to be changed. There are times when this happens and it is just better off to get the home inspection done and out of the way, rather than scheduling when the agent can make it.

All this being said, the fact remains that the Realtor – if he or she is truly representing the client – should be at the home inspection if at all possible. There are just too many ways he or she can help the client by being there. In my professional opinion a buyers agent should be at the home inspection representing their buyer client. Likewise, the sellers agent should also be there to represent the seller during the home inspection.

Benefits of the Realtor Attending the Home Inspection

  • Negotiate: One of the primary roles of the agent is to negotiate on behalf of the client. Much of the terms of the final deal will be based on what is found at the home inspection. A professional always negotiates like a pro on a home inspection effectively if he or she is not there to hear what the inspector says this step is missing and often is the reason a deal goes sour. 
  • Knowledge: The clients will often know nothing about home inspections or about buying and selling real estate. The information that the inspector relays to them may be understood accurately, but often it is not. By the end of the inspection, the buyer will often have misunderstandings about the severity of issues, and inaccurate views on how the inspection should affect the transaction. This can be especially true if it is a first time home buyer.  It is realtors job to help the client understand the inspection and the expectations of what should take place after the inspection. The Realtor may ask the inspector questions about the statements he or she makes for clarification. The Realtor can also help the client understand what really does need to be fixed, what issues will affect the price of the home and how those issues compare to other similar homes in the area.
  • Home Inspection Report: A good home inspection report will detail all of the issues discovered both on the interior and exterior of the home. I have found the best home inspection reports will include color pictures of the issues so all the parties involved can easily identify the problems. This becomes especially helpful when a seller asks a contractor to look over the problems for correction.

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