A Safe Haven for Real Estate Investors

We know we have much to be proud of as Canadians - but the reasons are really stacking up with developments in international housing markets in recent years.

As reported by The Globe and Mail in an article titled "20 Reasons to Buy Canadian (Not Including Hockey)," Scotia Capital economists Derek Holt and Karen Cordes include the fact that "real estate is richly valued and more of a containable risk than in the United States and Europe."

Unlike most residential property markets in developed economies, which have seen sales and prices plunge, the Canadian residential market so far has shown relatively smaller declines in sales and prices.

Foreign investors with money, looking for global real estate investments, have ranked Canada among the top three countries that offer the most "stable and secure" market in 2009, according to the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate - up from sixth place from the previous year.

Canada is "one of the world's safest countries to invest" according to Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Risk Indicator, due to the relatively mild slowdown experienced as a result of the global credit crisis.

Canada is also ranked first among the G7 nations for the "likelihood of a strong and healthy economy in the year 2020." according to the Canadian Business’  Prosperity Potential Index in late 2009.

So Many Good Reasons to Invest in Canada

Of course, there are many other good reasons to invest in Canada, besides the strength of the residential market. According to the "Invest in Canada" website of the federal government, we are also leaders in the following areas:

  • Best overall quality of life: A 2009 ranking of 215 cities around the world placed 4 Canadian cities ranked among the top 25
  • A land of equal opportunity: Canada ranks first among the G7 in providing equal opportunities for individuals
  • Best in addressing environmental concerns: As measured by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Canada’s ranks 2nd in the G7 and 12th in a 149-country study in terms of effectively reducing environmental stresses on human health and promoting ecosystem vitality and sound natural resource management
  • Safest place to live: Canada leads the G7 in terms of the safest place to live and conduct business with the most fairly administered judicial system
  • Optimal human development: According to the United Nations 2009 Human Development Index, Canada ranked first among the G7 and fourth among the 180 countries surveyed

If you have any stories about foreign investors interested in Canadian real estate, please share them in the Comment section below.

Posted by Don Lawby on April 14, 2010
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