A day with Brian and Joe

Brian Buffini and Joe Neigo are average dudes who live great lives. They love their families. They genuinely care about people. And, if you watch this video of them being white hatted by my mentor Karalee Foat and the Stampeders' Keon Raymond, you'll see that they get nervous and can't talk straight sometimes.

Yet Brian and Joe are two of the most successful real estate agents in America. They didn't acheive that with bus stop adds or giant billboards. They had the habits of a good business owner, positive attitudes that built trust, and market savvy negotiation skills. Their clients told their friends and family about what a great agent they had. Those happy clients told their friends and family...

I run my business based on their principles. So it was really excting to hear them both speak on Tuesday.

For me, the highlight of the day was the goal setting workshop that Brian led in the afternoon. Setting goals, to me, has always been a futile excercise. Throughout my life I've heard a lot of people talk about goals, and I've set a lot of goals that I had no intention of following through on. 

Brian explained that only 3% of Canadians have written goals. Yet 97% of the top 2% of wage earners in Canada have written goals. So logically, if successful people have written goals and I want to be successful, writing my goals is a good idea. I was becoming convinced.

Then, for about five minutes he had the whole room of 300 real estates sit in silence (a merculaous feat) while we focussed on today's date, five years from now: what we saw, our fincancail situation, our family life...

And poof, suddenly I had real tangible goals.

The next day I made Loni do the same exercise just to make sure we weren't striving toward completely different things. Thankfully, five years from now looks pretty much the same in both of our minds.

So what do you see five years from today? Are you doing the things that make you happy? What does your bank account look like? And, this is where I come in, what kind of home will you relax in on April 23, 2018?

Five years from today I plan on being an average guy living a really great life.

I hope you do too. Let me know how I can help.