Does your Agent???

Does your agent call, email, or text you during the process of selling or hunting for a home to ensure you're not missing opportunities?

Do they encourage you to call, email, and text them throughout the process? Do they provide you with a direct number to do so, or do you call their office, their assistant, or a third party, and they eventually call you back?

Communication, and a partnership between the agent and the buyer or/and seller is essential to ensure the buying and selling process is executed smoothly, and to ensure opportunities are not missed.

For example, if you are in the process of searching for a home to purchase, your agent should leverage the technology at their disposal and automate a property search for you with your search criteria (size, features, neighbourhoods, price). But what if you're searching on the internet and notice a property that is slightly outside your criteria, but still interests you? Your agent should encourage and empower you to proactively search on your own, as well as view their search results!

If you are in the process of selling, your agent should be calling, emailing, or texting you when new comparable properties similar to your listed home come on the market and/or sell. The market is larger than a single listing, and as such, your agent should empower you as an educated seller.