Family Day at the Farm

Where our food comes from is fascinating. It doesn't matter if your an adult or not even two years old.
My wife, Leilani, through her position as the social media guru for the Calgary Farmers' Market, scored us some tickets to join Calgary Food Tour's day long adventure to the 5 farms that make up Innisfail Growers
Early on a sunny Sunday morning, we wrestled our 22 month old daughter, Grace, out of bed, met up with our newly wed friends Graham and Amanda for a quick coffee, and set out with a bus load enthusiastic farm goers.
I could write forever about what a great day it was - and how I'm 100% sure Gracie is going to fall in love with a rough and tumble farmer one day that won't be scared of me at all - but the pictures describe the day perfect. If you want to read a better blog about our tour, check out the CoCoLady.
Off we go...
Daddy look, TOMATOES!!
Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to pick peas I go...

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching Gracie pick peas. She pulled the pod off the plant, I peeled it open, she plucked the peas out, and popped them in her mouth. Then looked at me with complete wonder in her eyes, 'Daddy, more.'

When Hanno at Upper Green Farms dug up a few potatoes Gracie walked right up, stared them down, and asked 'apple?'


Hop on guys, let's go pick some strawberries.

The Jungle Farm is an incredible place to take your family. From choosing the perfect pumpkin right out of the pumpkin patch, to planting your very own flower planters and baskets, to riding the wagon to the corn maze, to enjoying the farm animals, or Gracie's favorite - picking delicious strawberries. She ate so many strawberries that I felt we should pay for an extra pound.

Farming is hard work...

Check out Calgary Food Tours. A day with Karen will not only be fun, it will change the way you see your food.

I'm thinking we need to organize a client party where we all get on bus and head to the farm. Who's in?