Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks In YYC

The YYC Food Trucks Spring Frenzy is this weekend in the East Village. Check out the event details here.

Next week our fingers will be too fat to write this blog, so we did now. Tell us your favourite food trucks in the comments.

Eat Naaco

The peeps behind Naaco really are something special. Their “Indi Mexi Street Kitchen” serves up some of the most delicious and creative, locally-sourced food we’ve ever devoured. They really should be community ambassadors for their commitment to supporting small, local business, giving back to the community, and partnering with local organizations to allow customers the opportunity to buy a meal for someone who might need some Naaco Love. Not to mention, all of the merchandise Naaco uses is certified compostable, striving to be zero waste. They even have a rooftop garden on their food truck! And, they’re the first LEAF Certified Food Truck in Canada.

Cheezy Bizness

Nicole Fewell of Cheezy Biz is a pure genius. First, because who hates a wicked grill cheese sandwich? Uh, no one. And two, she’s also the brainiac behind Porter’s Tonic which will revolutionize your cocktail game and liven up your SodaStream. She can be seen visiting the Calgary Farmers’ Market on a regular basis (my wifey can vouch for that) sourcing *local, hormone and antibiotic free meats and eggs, as well as fresh pesticide free vegetables for their sandwiches. Add in some serious love and passion and you have a pretty sweet sandwich. They make food that you will go back for and crave time and time again.

*They support these local Farms and Ranches: Spragg's Meat ShopSilver Sage BeefGull Valley Tomatoes, and Sylvan Star Farms. Their bread is supplied by Yum Bakery

Eats of Asia

Ok, so maybe I’m a little biased on this one because it brings back all of those delicious memories of my life in Taiwan. Eats of Asia offers Asian-inspired food, reminiscent of the vibrant street food I found living overseas. From China and Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, even Korea and Hawaii, these guys are hand-pulling noodles, sous-viding eggs destined for piping hot bowls of ramen, and cranking out freshly steamed baos. When they’re not on the truck, they can be found at the Crossroads Market.

Sticky Ricky’s

New Orleans is one of those bucket list places for my wife and I; the music, the food, the culture, the food… oh wait, did I say that twice? Whoops. Victoria and Rick Stitt have some serious N’Awlins Cajun game going on with Sticky Ricky’s. Rick is an award-winning Chef with over 35 years of experience in the food industry, Victoria the edgy behind-the-scenes master of design. There are very few people that can pass up soulful food, and this father/daughter team can satisfy our Po’Boy, Gumbo, Voo’Doo hankerings like no other.  

Waffles and Chix

Ok seriously though. Belgian waffles. And southern fried chicken. And gravy. I really feel like I can just leave it at that and you should be satisfied with the awesomeness that this truck is.