Seasonal Maintenance... Did YOU Remember to???

SItting in my kitchen the other day, and for once it was quiet... Hmmm, what's that spraying sound?  Toilet running? Someone in the shower?  Nope, it's not in the house.  

Head outside, it's a nice sunny day.  THERE is the spraying sound!  Seems I forgot to shut off the hose water, and the hose burst and is spraying water everywhere.  Not sure for how long, but in any case, a quick trip to the basement and problem solved. 

Seasonal maintenance items are easy to forget.  Particularly the outdoor ones, seeing as we live INSIDE.

For fall and winter... 

1. Have you shut off your hose water source and bled out the lines? Blown out sprinkler lines?

2. Have you moved in anything that can freeze but shouldn't? Paint, fertilizers, aerosols?

3. Have you drained gas from lawnmowers, and other yard machines?


Easy stuff, but easy to forget. And I'm not the only one.  Showing properties, I see ice mountains underneath hose bibs, lawnmowers sitting outside, etc etc.

Some quick, easy, seasonal maintenance can save alot of time, energy, and money when the next season rolls around!