Talk to The Count before you look on Sesame Street

You know you've been working from home too much when you start to think that Count Von Count would make a solid broker.

On Tuesday, instead of watching Sesame Street with daughter, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Field of CML Mortgages - my personal mortgage sherpa. As a child, I imagine Matt was a lot like The Count. Most realtors were probably more like Gonzo. 
Last year, 45% of Canadian home buyers said their mortgage broker was the most influential person in their home buying transaction. The mortgage realm is an intricate and overwhelming world. Make sure you have a solid guy like Matt on your block.
Many perspective home buyers drop the ball before their search has even tipped off - they start looking before they've been pre-approved. Then they find a home, fall in love, and start planning their future Christmases. Only to find out that they can't get financing on that home. Then they become Oscar The Grouch.
Matt explained to me today that many lenders will give him a Live Pre-approval. Which means, within minutes he gets an idea of how much you'll qualify for. And here's the best part...
Once you have the pre-approval, the interest rate is locked in for 120 days!
The Word on the Street right now is 'Low Interest Rates.' They will have to go up sometime. No one knows how soon. If you have any inkling to buy in the near future - call Matt and get locked in now!! 
Then can I tell you how to get, how to get that new house on Sesame Street.