Thinking of Selling On Your Own?

So you're getting ready to sell your home, and you're wondering why on earth would you ever pay an agent to sell it for you? After all, YOU still have to get it ready. YOU still have to clean it. YOU still have to escape for showings. YOU still have to make the home sellable. 

Before I started selling real estate full time, I was the "I'll do it myself" guy. Surely I can get more money if I don't have to pay realtor fees. Surely the market is hot enough right now that even without the MLS, I people will just buy my house. Surely I can write up a contract so that I'm covered as is my equity. Surely it can't take that much time out of my day to show the house.

Agents are expensive I used to think. There are discount real estate offices out there, but they typically don't offer the same level of service, technology, tailored personalized approach... They typically make up their numbers in sales volume, meaning you get less of their time and attention.

So what do you get from a reputable, knowledgeable, professional agent that would make it worth it to pay them the big bucks to sell your most valuable asset? Really, aside from keeping your house presentable, you should get EVERYTHING. They should take as much of the "sale process" off of your plate and take it on themselves.

The first huge element that such and agent provides is handling LOGISTICS. 1. Let them arrange the pre-listing activities. The photographers, graphics people, signage, measurements, presentation. If your home requires special preparation, leverage their network of professionals to make sure your home looks its best. 2. Let them arrange the "during-listing" activities. Showings, open houses, advertising and exposure, feedback, refinements to the listing. 3. When offers come in, let them handle the negotiations. Let them make it business, not personal, and see the sale from a once-removed perspective. Better decisions can be made if the agent is guiding you to make decisions during an emotional time.

The second element an agent should provide is KNOWLEDGE. They should know the ins and outs of the process so it's smooth for you. They should be doing this every day. You shouldn't. They should know how things work. they should know the rules of the game. They should use their knowledge to streamline the process for you.

The third thing agents should be providing is INFORMATION. They should know what's going on in the market. Their job is not to make decisions for you, but rather to provide you the information so YOU MAKE INFORMED, CONFIDENT decisions. Having information is one thing. Sharing and communicating the information is another.