Want to be a House Flipper?

Do you find yourself watching TV Shows about people buying and "flipping" homes and feel the calling to do your own property flips?

Have you ever wondered how difficult or complicated it may be and if you'd even qualify?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can flip houses in Calgary and getting the financing to do it is easier than you may think.

With the right down payment amount and the right property - we have a lender that can get you the financing to "flip" a property within 48 hours. (now THAT's FAST)

Steps to Flip Success:

  1. Work with an experience team of professionals to help you get the right property, financing and to get the deals closed
  2. Due - Diligence, your Realtor will be able to help you to find the diamond in the rough and research what the final renovated home might sell for
  3. Budget - always run your numbers so you know your closing costs, holding costs, and renovation costs up front. Add 15% for cost over runs
  4. Negotiate your offer to purchase
  5. Get your financing in 48 hours
  6. Get the keys - and get your sledge hammer ready for demolition!!!

Flipping houses is recommended for the experienced Real Estate investor and you will need a cracker jack team of professionals to get this business launched.

We can help - our Team of Mortgage Experts can help you with financing of course but we can also help you find the best Realtors, Lawyers, Property Inspectors and Appraisers to help get the profits you are hoping for!!!

* Ideal for experienced Real Estate Investors, OAC, fees apply.